The Most Stone Cold( along wit my brother)

Upcoming FTX

Hey everyone there is an upcoming FTX in Philly... hopefully will follow through as planned to go down on the 4Th of July... I will possibly be attending(TBD) hopefully it's a great SUCCESS!!!!


Unbelievably FUN!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

FTX Philly

I have been working on my school work to bring my grades up so i can fly out to philly for the next FTX!!!!!! i cant wait to get there i am soooo EXCITED!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FTX Downtown

What started out to be a rainy week ended up wit a big blue beautiful sky.... not a cloud on site.
I was at my dads for the weekend but woke extra early to get to FTX downtown...I was a bit worried cause recently i had broken my wrist in a compound fracture and had my splint still on.. but no worries i grabbed a pair of gloves slid them on and started feeding the line of over 500 PEOPLE!!!!!! This FTX was crazy the line wrapped around the block and we actually needed caution tape. But overall one of the best I've been to.... Hoping to go to the one in Philly!!!!!!!